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Our digital asset platform and investment solutions are built to serve the unique and varying needs of institutional investors.

Custody & Trading Platform
Integrated custody and trading
platform for digital assets.

Digital Asset Management
Managed investment products that enable investors to seamlessly access digital assets in their portfolios.

2014 — Present

A History of Belief

Fidelity Investments® began researching bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2014, resulting in the creation of a dedicated business for this innovative asset class, Fidelity Digital AssetsSM

We believe that digital assets have dramatically altered the future of capital markets, digital payments, and value storage. Fidelity Digital AssetsSM is proud to be an early mover in this space and will continue to build products that support the rapidly-evolving digital asset ecosystem and enable broader adoption.

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We provide the operational excellence, security, and expertise that institutions need to invest in digital assets.

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Are you an individual investor interested in digital assets? 

Fidelity Digital Assets provides services for Fidelity CryptoSM, which enables investors to buy and sell digital assets through the Fidelity InvestmentsⓇ App.

Learn more about Fidelity Crypto.

Dedicated Client Service

Support at every stage of our clients’ digital asset investment journey.

Audited Operational Controls

Fidelity Digital Assets maintains SOC 1 Type 2 audits and has been issued a SOC 2 Type 2 report by a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm.

Institutional Expertise

Built to exceed the high-stake and varying needs of institutional investors across every segment.

Robust Security

Rigorous physical, cyber and operational security controls in place to protect assets and client information.

Industry Leading Research

Proprietary digital asset research with exclusive insights for clients.

Multi-Channel Exposure

Digital asset access to fit clients' investment goals, either through a managed investment product or direct exposure.